Inspections - Fleet Services


Inspections provided by Billington Inspections are within all required standards and completed at the location of equipment. Inspections are complete visual and operational checks of the unit concentrated on structural, mechanical, and compliance aspects.

Our certified inspectors will come to your locations and perform
non-destructive annual/periodic lift inspections that meet and exceed all ANSI standards.

Our specialized methods include Dielectric Testing, Magnetic Particle, Load Testing, Stability Testing, Visual Inspection, Operational Inspection, Opacity/Smoke Check Emission Testing. Billington Inspections will track your fleet’s inspection due dates and ensure that your equipment is compliant so that you never have to worry about expired units.


Fleet PMA by Billington Inspections is regularly performed maintenance to increase the life of the equipment, and decrease failure. Preventative maintenance improves the performance and safety of equipment. Maintenance is done at the location of the equipment! Billington Inspections also offers the benefit of servicing equipment during after hours and weekends to lessen down time for the equipment and crew.

Fleet PMA from Billington Inspections includes Oil Changes, Greasing the Chassis, Replacements of all Filters, and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection.

Billington Inspections’ fleet PMA is PARTS REIMBURSEMENT ONLY! At Billington Inspections there is never a markup on parts used on the equipment. Billington Inspections will provide copies of all PMA logs to the necessary personnel.